118th NY Sponsorship/Donation Program


To start off the 2013 Season, the 118th NY has decided to offer & begin a “Sponsorship/Donation Program” for the general public or any interested club, organization or business. This program is designed to target & include members of the general public who are interested in sponsoring and donating to the 118th NY, Civil War History & Education & support the efforts that we provide as a Historical Re-enacting Unit.

The 118th NY participates & sponsors several educational events & programs throughout each season. We are asked by numerous clubs, organizations & schools to provide educational overviews & presentations to assist them in understanding the American Civil War. Please visit our “Educational Opportunity” section for further details on what we offer.

In providing these events & presentations, the 118th NY is faced with the financial aspects of this service. The majority of the funds come directly from our own pockets. Thus by starting this program we hope to alleviate this issue & in the process increase our ability to offer more of an educational opportunity to the general public. The 118th NY continues to be a Not-For-Profit registered organization.

As an incentive, each Individual, Club, Organization or Business will be placed on our website, in the “Sponsorship” section, as a sponsor for all who visit our site to see.

We have decided to offer the following Sponsorship levels or categories to assist us in achieving our community service goals.

Sponsorship/Donation Categories: Enlisted, Officer, Presidential

1.   Private: $10

2.   Corporal: $20

3.   Sergeant: $25

4.   Lieutenant: $50

5.   Captain: $75

6.   Colonel: $100

7.   General: $250

8.   Presidential: $500+


The 118th NY would like to personally thank all who have assisted us in the past and for all who continue to assist us in the future, by using this program to further provide educational opportunities to benefit the general public. We ask that all sponsorships/donations be made payable to the:   “118th NY”.


Dan Reandeau, Treasurer

PO Box 861

Tupper Lake, NY 12986


Yours In Service,

118th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry, Co. F

1st Regiment, 10th Company, USV

Websites of Interest:

118th NY Site: www.118thny.org

USV Website: www.usvolunteers.org