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"Our Educational Opportunity to the Community"



118th N.Y. Co. F Historical Re-enacting Unit has a vested interest in education. The key to knowing our nation’s history rests in this simple word. To understand history, is to understand ourselves. Therefore this unit strives to provide an Educational Opportunity to the community, in respect to the American Civil War (1861-1865). The unit is a Not-for-Profit organization, funded by donations & grants. If you are an organization, club, School, Home School, or civic-minded group, this Unit could be a valuable educational tool. In a presentation, history comes alive, & breaks the confines of a book, limited to but a few pages on the topic of the Civil War.

Our unit will come to you & provide a Historical Presentation. Our unit is quite versatile in that it can portray a Union,   (Confederate if needed) & Civilian impression. The most common, is a general presentation consisting of all three impressions. This presentation will include an overview of the most tragic conflict this country has ever known. Upon request, we can modify our presentation to include topics which your school, organization or group are interested in. Our presentations extend for a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 3 hours. We accept no fee for this service, but do ask, if possible, a reasonable donation to our Unit to further our educational experience to others by means of presentations & events. We hope that you will contact us to schedule a presentation which will increase your knowledge of what Re-enacting & The War Between the States is really all about. We ask that you allow a 30 day advance notice to schedule a presentation, so that we may be able to prepare & coordinate our resources to provide you a proper presentation. Our unit is based in Northern, NY (Adirondack Region).  We prefer to do presentations within this geographical area, but may go beyond our area @ special request & circumstances. If we are unable to do your presentation we may be able to assist you in contacting another unit that can. You may contact us by simply sending an e-mail to anyone on our “Contacts” list located on this website. For further information about us please feel free to browse through our website or send us an e-mail with a specific question. You will be contacted within 5 days of any request. We hope you will take advantage of this educational opportunity & contact us soon. Please see the attached application form (below) which will assist you & us in scheduling a presentation.






*Presentation Application Form*


Name of your Organization:_____________________________________________________


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Type of Presentation Request:     General        Specialized       (circle one)


Date you wish for our presentation:_______________________________________________


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Impression Portrayal:            Union,  (Confederate if desired),  Civilian,     ALL,   (circle choices)


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