118th NY Co. F Vol. Inf.




The 118th NY Co. F strives for an authentic 1861-1865 impression, whether you are interested in a military or a Civilian impression. The items below represent items that will be required for you to do a proper impression. You will be awarded up to a year, while on probationary status, to obtain them. Much assistance and guidance will be offered to you in selecting your impression and equipment. You will be aided and trained to start your impression as soon as is practicable. Please think carefully on the type of impression you wish to portray. Please keep in mind that you have up to a year to purchase the following items. You will be required to pay for all insurance & membership fees for the upcoming season upon deciding to be a member. You will also be required to fill out a new member form which will require some personal information for contact & insurance reasons only.



1.      Tentage – (A-Frame) approx. $150 - $200; Wall Tents cost approx. $300+ (Tents do not include poles, which you have to construct, or stakes). There are several styles of tents to choose from. The best sutler for tentage appears to be Fall Creek Sutlery (information at bottom of page).

2.      Uniform – approx. $200+; Civilian apparel may be more depending on your impression.

3.      Accoutrements (Cartridge box,Cap box, Bayonet & Scabbard, belt, buckles, hat tins, canteen, Hat, etc.) – approx. $200+

4.      Musket – approx. $500 - $600+ depending on your preference (the most common is a Springfield or an Enfield Musket)

5.      Brogans(shoes) - $75 - $90 (these can be Brown or Black, but Black is more common); Invest in some good wool socks, @ least 2 pair!!!

6.      Misc. Items (optional) - $200+ (these are things you wish to buy to aid in your impression, but are not required).

·     Government issued Union apparel is requested for the 118th NY. The basic Blue jacket or sack coat with sky blue trousers is suffient. We will assist you with the proper styles and accepted clothing wear. All clothing is subject to member approval. Before placing an order with a sutlery, it would be a good idea to have a member look over your order, this may save you problems in the future with acquiring the wrong apparel. The most accurate total for aquiring a complete reenactor kit is approx. $1300.00. This may seem like alot at first glance, but you must realize that you have a year to accomplish it. If you know a seamstress or are a seamstress or are handy with needle & thread you can make your own apparel at a much cheaper cost. Patterns are readily available at any sutlery for a wide variety of clothing.





All civilian impressions are extremely varied depending upon your interest or expertise. The general rule followed is, “ If it can be documented, it can be done”. All impressions are subject to member approval. We have many civilian impressions within the unit already, such as: Medical, Spies, Ladies & Gentlemen, Christian Commission, Apothecary, etc.. You can add to an already existing impression or start a new one, with unit approval. Your equipment will also vary depending on your portrayal. It is suggested that when starting a civilian impression you begin with a "Generic Impression". This will give you the opportunity to participate and learn, without committing to a specific impression. However, if you choose to do a specific period impression, do your research & know what you are talking about! You will be tested by the public & fellow reenactors on your knowledge of the impression you choose. Once you have choosen an impression it would be wise to back it up with documentation to reference at an event.




Military & Civilian:


Commander of: 118th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Co. F

Capt. Pete Gilbert Jr.

10 Lakeview Ave

Tupper Lake, NY 12986

518-359-7206, Cell#: 518-524-1124




Company Adjutant/Treasurer


1st. Cpl. Dan Reandeau

P.O. Box 861

24 Blueberry Hill Road

Tupper Lake, NY 12986




Civilian Liaison

Patty Perry

1001 Pine St.

Saranac Lake, NY 12983






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Period Impression References: Some Sutler Info to assist your impression & hobby choice, via your P.C., snail-mail or phone.


FALL CREEK SUTLERY                  REGIMENTAL QUARTERMASTER                BLOCKADE RUNNER                                                    


Bx  92                                                                          PO Box 553                                                             1027 Bell Buckle/Wartrace Rd.      

Whitestown, Indiana 46075                                           Hatboro, PA. 19040                                                 Wartrace, Tn.   37183

Ph: (765) 482 - 1861                                                    1 - 800 -929 - 1863                                                  Phone:  931-389-6294

FAX: (756) 482 - 1848                                                FAX:                                                                         Fax:  931-389-0486

Retail Address:                                                              Retail Address:

917E Walnut St.                                                          49 Steinwehr Ave.                                                  

Lebanon, Indiana 46052                                              Gettysburg, PA. 17325

                                                                                   Ph#: 717 - 338 - 1864




                                                                                                                                                                              C&C Sutlery


2790 East Black Canyon Highway
Emmett, Idaho  83617
Telephone - (208) 398-7279
Fax Number - (208) 398-7279