118th NY, Co. F,Vol.Inf 

        Historical Re-enacting Unit


Are you interested in American History? Do book’s and T.V. shows, on the War Between the States, constantly peek your interest? Would you like to experience and learn about it from a totally new perspective and have fun while you do it? Become a Civil War Re-enactor!! We are a family oriented organization, dedicated to history and education, while creating a learning atmosphere for you and your family. The cost is reasonable, and equipment may be acquired over the course of a year. Assistance will be given to you in obtaining the proper gear for your impression. Free weekends are a must! We are looking for serious inquiries & persons dedicated to preserving history. If you have a viable interest in becoming a member, please contact:



Military & Civilian:

Commander of the 118th N.Y. Vol. Inf., Co. F


Capt. Pete Gilbert Jr.

10 Lakeview Ave.

Tupper Lake, NY 12986

518-359-7206, Cell#: 518-524-1124






1st. Cpl. Dan Reandeau

P.O. Box 861

24 Blueberry Hill Road

Tupper Lake, NY 12986




Civilian Co-ordinator

Patty Perry

1001 Pine St.

Saranac Lake, NY 12983





Recruiting Information 118th N.Y. Vol. Inf. Co. F





I, ___________________________(print your full name), wish to become a member of the 118th NY Co. F. I understand that by signing this form I am bound by all rules, regulations and safety procedures outlined in the  By-laws and Safety Manuals. I furthermore agree to pay all membership fees, dues and insurance premium payments upon acceptance into the company. I furthermore understand that by joining the company I will be placed on probationary status for the term of (1) calendar year and may be dismissed from above said company for By-law or Safety Manual violations @ anytime during this probationary period, pursuant to By-law procedures. I furthermore agree and understand that I am obligated to secure a proper period impression and obtain proper equipment to sustain that period impression within the (1) calendar year period, from the date of acceptance (stated below). I understand that all impressions must be approved by the company in order to be secured as a unit impression. I furthermore agree to be an upstanding member of the Company and portray an accurate period impression to the best of my ability.


Signature of Applicant:(must be 18yr+ to sign);_Signature of Parent or Guardian *________________________                         *  _______________________________

Date:_______________               Date:____________________


Type of Impression Applicant wishes to portray: (Circle One)    Civilian         Military

Signature of @ least 1 Board Member is required for validation:

Commander(s):___________________________, Date:_________________

Civilian Liaison:___________________________, Date:_________________

1st Sgt:___________________________________, Date__________________________

Date of Member Acceptance:__________________

Board Member Comments: (See Back)

Date Dues were paid:______________       Amounts  Paid:________________



Address of Applicant:(Please Print)

Street:_____________________________________ City/Town:____________________

State:__________   Zip:__________ E-mail Address:_____________________________

Home Ph#:_________________________  Cell Ph#:_____________________________

Dependant Minors Under Your Membership: (Names in Full, Use back if Needed)

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